Life sciences

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Translatability Assessment

Preference linguistic expert develops translation guidelines por all local teams in collaboration with the author of the instrument.

Foward Translation

Simultaneous translation from source langueage into target language by two translators. Final translation developed by the linguistic validation expert.

Back Translation

The first target version is translated back into the original language. The resulting back-translation and the original are compared by the linguistic validation expert.

Clinical Reviewr

The translated version is reviewed (edited) by a clinician (medical doctor) specialized in treating patients the questionnaire is intended for.

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With a team of over 250 PRO linguistic validators worldwide, Novalins’ Life Sciences Division offers translation and linguistic validation of Patient-Reported Outcomes in over 120 languages to guarantee content validity across the different languages needed by our clients.

Our linguistic validation coordinators and in-country PRO linguistic validators have an average 10 years´ experience in the field of linguistic validation and have participated to a large number of LV procedures, in many therapeutic areas.

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They have also gone through certification and training programs such as:

ISPOR distance learning program

MAPI Research Institute trainings

EMWA conferences

Online webinars on Linguistic Validation Overview

Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Program

We recognize that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and environmental sustainability are essential to reach full enjoyment of all human rights in our community, and are also keys to achieve sustainable development. We prioritize diverse businesses owned/operated by an individual or group that is traditionally underrepresented, and suppliers that carry out sustainable practices and use materials that do not harm the environment.